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On July 23, 2022, DYKE NEWS hosted a film screening and newsletter launch. Featuring 7 short lesbian films from the 90s, the aim of the event was to connect dykes to a lineage of filmmaking and storytelling from across the country and celebrate dyke culture in victoria! 

The program:
︎︎︎ Lessons in Baby Dyke Theory, TJ Cuthand. 1995. 2:05 min. Distributed by VTape
> What Does a Lesbian Look Like, Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan. 1994. 2:00 min. Distributed by VideoPool
> Your Mother Wears Combat Boots, Laurel Swenson. 1996. 15:55 min. Distributed by VTape
> Lest I Burn, Shani Mootoo. 1991. 4:01 min. Distributed by VTape.
> How to Be a Recluse (7 Easy Steps), Laurel Swenson. 1998. 4:30 min. Distributed by VTape.
> Queer Across Canada, Mo Bradley. 1993. 10:11 min. Distributed by VTape.
> Colonization: The Second Coming, TJ Cuthand. 1996. 3:30 min. Distributed by VTape.

From July 24-30 2022, the DYKE NEWS / DYKE FILM program is available to rent on-demand from anywhere in the world; find the full progam through the online platform VUCAVU here. 

Event photos: Paolino Caputo.

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